Rendering Quality

Adaptive image sampling

This balances out the rendering calculations over the image to focus more processing power
on tricky areas like shadows. By keeping noise more evenly distributed, this gives a usable
image more quickly, and also allows Denoising to work its magic. Coupled with the new High Quality
Image Filtering introduced in Corona Renderer 4, which gives a much more natural and less CGI look
to the noise, and your images will be noise–free faster than ever!


The denoising feature analyzes noise in the 3D space, so is not just a 2D post–process.
You can use it to reduce the number of passes needed to get a noise–free image, with render time
reductions of 50 to 70% reported to us by third parties in commercial usage
(not in carefully crafted test scenes!). It will also remove fireflies (hot pixels) from an image, and can be
used only in that mode if required.

Denoising is seamlessly integrated into the core as a one–click solution. The denoising level
can be interactively adjusted in the VFB after rendering is complete, so that you are not locked
in to the level set in the rendering options. This lets you check and adjust the blending between
the regular and the denoised image without having to re–render.

To learn more about it, you can watch the tutorial from when Denoising was released:

Intel ai denoising

This AI denoiser for final renders offers a balance between quality and speed. It is purely CPU–based so you can use it whichever graphics card you have,
and it runs on any CPU (not just Intel).

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Nvidia gpu denoising

The NVIDIA OptiX denoiser is the only denoiser which you can use during Interactive Rendering, and gives you a noise–free image in record time.
You can see a short example of it in action in a complex scene in the video below:

You aren’t limited to using it only for interactive rendering however – you can also use the GPU denoiser for final renders too if you choose.

Note that this denoiser requires a compatible NVIDIA graphics card. Standard denoising uses the CPU only so can be used with any graphics card.

We expect:

  • Fluency in modern C , ability to produce safe, efficient, and readable code.
  • Ability to work in a team, receiving and giving constructive criticism, ability to adopt existing coding conventions and workflows.
  • Ability to follow KISS and YAGNI principles, choosing appropriately complex solutions.
  • Good communication skills and English language.

We work with:

  • Cutting edge C standard (C 17, looking forward to C 20) in MSVC 2020, Clang 10.
  • Visual Studio, Xcode, Qt Creator.
  • Google Test for unit testing, in–house tools for automated rendering tests.
  • High performance libraries such as Intel Embree and Open Image Denoise. We cooperate with Intel on development of these libraries.
  • Automation/workflow tools such as git, CMake, Python, premake.
  • In–house tools we developed to fix weak points of the C ecosystem.
  • Qt and other multi–platform frameworks.
  • Where?

    • Technology office in Prague.

    Who are we?

    We are a technological company specialising in software development for 3D computer graphics
    and visual effects with offices in Prague and Prostějov. Our technology helps artists and designers
    create photoreal imagery and animation for design, television, and feature films. We have recently
    become a part of an Academy Award–winning company Chaos Group. Our Corona Renderer and Chaos’
    V–Ray are the most popular software tools in their class worldwide.

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    But most importantly, we are a group of friends and enthusiasts, and our business as well as the
    entire company culture is built around that.

    Your responsibilities:

    • Designing and developing new features, improving and maintaining existing ones.
    • Expanding scope of Corona Renderer by porting it to new applications and market segments.
    • Improving and extending our foundation libraries and algorithms.
    • Reviewing code and preserving its quality and performance.
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